Myths about hair loss

Improper information and knowledge leads to misconception and then ultimately to the creation of myths. Same is the case with the hair loss problems. People do not know much about this thing and they form myths. Here is a list of a few of the myths that you should never believe, along with the hair loss solution associated with it.

1st myth

The very first thing that we often listen regarding the hair loss is that it is this is a hereditary thing and comes to a man from his father. This statement is not true at all.  At the very first place it is not necessary that the hair fall problem is hereditary and if it is then either of the parents is responsible for this. There could be any possible reason for the hair fall, out of which hereditary condition is just one.

2nd myth

You must have come across this fact that people believe that the problem of hair fall is generally found in the people of old age. This is again a myth and there is no such thing. Hair fall can cause to a person right from the time puberty hits him or her. In most of the cases, the hair fall starts when the person is in mid-twenties. The problem starts very soon, but it takes this problem this long time in order to get to that advanced age and it seems to other people that the problem has just started.

3rd myth

Most of the people think that hair loss treatments do not work. This is a myth and one should never believe it. Hair loss treatments are done to any patients after the proper study of their case. The doctor first tries and know the reason behind the hair loss. Also, all the ways in which the treatment is done are clinically proven to be effective on the hair losses. So, there is no chance of not working them. Different problems have different hair solutions. Some could be treated by medication, while others can need some transplantation or laser therapy.  

4th myth

Many people believe that a woman suffering from hair loss has cancer and that they lose their hair while having their treatment done. Well, this is true that the patients of cancer do lose their hair while their treatment, but it is not important that all those who have a problem of hair loss are suffering from cancer. Women too have almost the same reasons for having hair loss as men have.

5th Myth

Another thing that we hear about hair fall is that men face this problem more than the women. This is the most illogical statement one can hear ever. If we talk about the real scene, then the hair loss is common in both men and women. Both of them face this problem in an equal way and equal proportion.

You must have heard about these myths once in your life and there are a few of then you might have believed also. Remember this list next time and do not get confused.

Why test properties for methamphetamine?


If you are investing your money on a house, then it is very important that you make sure that the house you are buying is not contaminated with any kind of meth residue. If the house is contaminated with meth residue, it is recommended that you do not invest your money on it because meth residue might cause a lot of long term effects in people who will be living in the house. If you are a first-time buyer and you are planning to get home at a new neighborhood it is recommended that you use different meth testing kits so that you are sure if the house is contaminated or not.

The number of people using methamphetamine has been increasing rapidly all across the globe. This is one of the reasons people check for meth residue in houses that they won’t invest their money on. Use of meth decreases the evaluation of the house drastically. Here we have listed a few things that you can try out if you want to check if a house is meth free or not:

  • The first thing that you can do is simply try spraying hair spray on different surfaces. If you are spraying hair spray on a surface which has meth residue you can see the surface turning purple-red. The reason why there will be a color change is because of the presence of iodine. This experiment is very easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. If the surface does not turn purple-red, then you cannot deduce that the house is meth free.
  • The second thing that you need to carefully identify is the smell of the house. If people before you have smoked meth in the house you can tell by the smell of the house. It is not at all easy to get rid of the smell of meth. It takes a lot of time for a complete cleanup of a place which is contaminated with meth residue.
  • It is a rule in the real estate market that the owner needs to declare if meth is being cooked at the property earlier, but there is absolutely no law for declaring if meth is smoked at the property in the past. If anybody tries to convince you that the property is meth free because people have only smoked here and not manufactured here, then make sure to not buy the property. Smoking meth caused more contamination than manufacturing meth.

Meth is one of those substances which is extremely hard to smell and find out so if you are planning to get home for yourself to make sure that you buy it in a good neighborhood. You should always investigate from the neighbors and the homeowner about all the past tenants and owners so that you don’t end up investing all your money in a house which is contaminated with meth residue. Always make sure to do all the meth tests before it is too late.

Introducing the top trends of SEO

If you have even a slightest of the idea about digital marketing, then you must be aware of what SEO is. Search engine optimization is important if you want to promote your website or company online. With the change of the time, the strategies and trends of this process have also changed. Following are the list of some of them.

Desktop optimization gets the backseat:

Earlier, when the tragedies were made in order to promote the websites, they were limited to desktop optimization. The reason behind the creation of such strategies was that, at that time people, mainly used the desktop for their internet usages, but now things have changed a lot. You can feel the change by yourself. This is a question that how many of us go and open up our PC for simple internet things. We prefer doing that on our phone rather. This is the reason that SEO strategies have now shifted towards mobile optimization. Be it searching for something online or paying your bills, everything now we do is done on mobile. So, the first and most important trend in this field is mobile optimization strategies.

Time for the aggregate content

There are a lot of online platforms available for different uses and we visit them according to our use and the content available there. If we talk about the news sites mainly then, there was a time when some websites were concerned only with the written news. So, if you had to know the full thing about particular news or had to see the footage or images related to that then you had to go to other websites for that. Now that time has changed. The news sites have developed their structure a lot and they try and gather all the related information and stick it to the same page only. This is what we call the aggregate content. This is another SEO thing that is trending a lot. You do not need to go to other websites to find the video and images of the related news. Everything you can get under one roof. If you want to know more about this then you can search for SEO Wellington and you can get all the required information.

Text marketing is old now

The marketing strategies that companies followed earlier included the text information about their product. When promoting a product on any social media handles, they used to write the whole description of the product and then their work was done. This has been taken over video marketing. You must have seen the social media handles of different brands. Every post that they make includes a video now. Even the shopping websites too are leaving a video in the description of the product. Along with that this video marketing is gaining all the hype on Twitter and Facebook too. So, this strategy is working wonderfully and is trending everywhere. 

As we all know that we should go with the flow if we want to get the maximum benefit. So, the companies need to follow all the above trends if they want the best promotion of their work.



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We use the latest technology and design software to develop cutting edge, innovative and successful design work for our clients. 

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Locally owned and operated company, Ignite Graphic Design Limited, believe that strong brand presence is a key building block in the foundation of a successful business. And this is exactly what they have been providing to their varied client base over the past eight years.

The Mount Maunganui based business has helped many companies to propel their brands, creating success locally and internationally, from Kaitaia to Invercargill, from Africa to America. Such as the redesign of all LJ Hooker offices signage throughout New Zealand in 2008, the development of the new logo and brand collateral for the New Zealand Avocado Company Ltd (AVOCO) which, with the help of Blink PR, has seen them achieve outstanding results in international markets and for the New Zealand avocado industry as a whole.

 “There is no better reward for us than to see our clients businesses propel to the next level with the help of the branding that we put in place for them, the most recent of which is the success McFall Fuel are having with their new look branding. Our clients are like family to us, and it is very important for us to see them succeed.” Says Director, Tessa Rowe.

Tessa and her team at Ignite were the developers of the new brand image for McFall Fuel and the final outcome has been an extremely successful one that has had both tangible and intangible results. The Fuel Delivery Fleet with its new livery is a stand out and is currently a finalist in the PPG Transport Imaging Awards and there are frequent comments from customers about the total look which is across the website and all marketing collateral and other vehicles.

“Working with Ignite Graphic Design has given us the step up we needed and has propelled the brand into a long term future which is quite an achievement.

McFall Fuel have an absolutely outstanding relationship with Ignite Graphic Design. Tessa Rowe and her team respond quickly to anything required with a passion and enthusiasm that sees them as an integral part of the McFall Fuel Team.” Says Sheryl Dawson, General Manager of McFall Fuel Limited.

Among their achievements Ignite Graphic Design also won Gold for their own branding of their company vehicle in 2008 at the New Zealand Sign and Display awards.

Tessa Rowe of Ignite Graphic Design says that what sets them apart and allows them to create such success for their clients is a simple recipe. “By listening to their needs, talking in detail about their business and their markets, and all the things that make them special, we tailor solutions on a case by case basis, because every business is unique. This process helps our clients to stand out in their market over and above their competition.”


Congratulations to McFall Fuel who are finalists in the PPG Transport Imaging Awards!
The March issue of Truck & Driver Magazine features a three page spread and pull-out poster detailing the history and development of the McFall Fuel brand over the years. We are very proud, to be credited in the evolution of such an integral Bay brand, and of the incredible results the new branding has achieved for our client and their amazing team!

Why purchase sheepskin rug online?

If you are searching for a convenient place where you can buy a sheepskin rug then there are numerous options. There are many stores that are mainly indulged in the business of selling these types of rugs. While on the other side, you may also find numerous online sites that have recently started the business of selling sheepskin rugs. It is often seen that sheepskin rugs are a very unconventional choice of decorating a house. They are beautiful and add a natural way of decorating a house.

Reasons for buying such rugs through online mode:

There are in fact, various reasons for buying such rugs through online mode. Now let’s have a look at some of them.

  • The online mode is far better and convenient because you can easily go through a wide variety of rugs at the same time. Further, you can get the whole description of a specific item by a single click.
  • The rate of buying such items through the online mode is much lower in comparison to other ones.
  • There is no tension to bring the item once purchased. If sheepskin rug is purchased through online mode, then it will be delivered at your doorstep by the executives.
  • If there is any defect in the item, then the same can be returned or exchanged by the consumer. Such policies are applicable only in case of online mode of purchase. All the exchange formalities are carried out by the company itself.
  • Each of the designs shown or displayed in online mode is quite unique from all aspects. You will not get a second one of this type. Online companies maintain complete uniqueness of their item. This is a great advantage that is found through the online mode of purchase.

Other benefits of online purchase:

To be very specific and frank, most of the people in the present world prefer to buy such items through online mode.  There are innumerable reasons behind this.

  • People have very less time to go to the market and choice a perfect item of their choice. But through online mode, they can choose any item of their choice in a convenient time.
  • Apart from this, the delivery is made within a few days of the order. Most of the online companies are very particular about the delivery of their items. This is a very good thing as it reflects their professionalism.
  • On the other side, if the customer wishes he can pay the amount through EMI basis, which is not available in any other mode of purchase.
  • Sometimes the rugs are found within the budget.  But in any store, it can exceed the amount.

Sheepskin rugs have turned out to be a very essential item in each and every house. Even most of the commercial places prefer to use this type of rugs in their rooms. The stunning soft feeling of the rug will also add an impressive look to your rooms.

How To Hire A Landscaping Architect?

When someone thinks of architects the buildings and residences come to mind. But what most people don’t know about is that there are landscape architects as well. These professionals excel in everything from simple lawn care to overhauling the whole thing to bring on a new design. Of course, any lawn or landscape will be the first major thing which any guest will lay eyes on and as such choosing the right landscape architect for the job is imperative.

The following steps will help guide you in the process of finding a great landscape architect

Decide what you want

Before you begin your hunt for great architects, it’s better to gather your own thoughts. Think carefully about what you will be using the garden or lawn for- whether you are interested in installing a water feature or a walkway or if you want to use your garden for growing vegetables and stuff. All these and more are such questions which need to be addressed. Also make a book where you collect the ideas, features, colors, and styles which you are aiming for. If you can, sketch a design of what you want the ultimate look to be like. All this will make finding the right contractor easy and also fasten up the process.

Make a short list of landscaping design firms

Once you are sure of what you want, it’s time to compile a list. Find out about the landscaping firms in your area. If you live in New Zealand then architects from Auckland, Queensland and such are great to aim for. Apart from this, also talk to neighbors, friends and other people who had landscaping done. Next, you will have to narrow down the list to two or mostly three professionals from whom you can expect a formal bid.

Choose a landscaping architect

Before you make the final decision there are a lot of factors which come into play. Consider whether the architect you are hiring has a team player attitude. It will be important because often times the landscape architect will have to work with the landscape designer to get the work done. Apart from this, also make sure to check the attached education and experience, the certifications and affiliations of the architect too. This will ensure that you have hired a legit professional and will give you peace of mind. Also, don’t hire a landscaping contractor who doesn’t have liability insurance. This might seem odd but a little mistake in landscaping can be costly for you.

The interview

Always have a final interview and talk about what you want and what the architect can offer. Make sure that both of you understand each other and what needs to get done. Along with this, set fixed times at which the architect will give you updates on the work done. Also, apart from the ideas, what needs to get discussed is the cost of the project. Get all such details and talks in the documentation so that both parties have proof.

Following these steps will help you hire a capable and reliable landscape architect. A trustworthy architect will prevent unnecessary stress and make the whole job easier.

How pull up banner can help you advertise your business?


In the present industrial market pull up banners can be the perfect way to advertise any type of business. It can help a company to catch a good amount of client very easily. In fact, it can also help to draw the attention of the people in a very interesting manner. In many cases, image banner plays a very pivotal role in promoting a product. If anyone puts a wrong image on the banner then there is a low chance of gaining good profit and fame in the market. Choosing of the image is quite essential in most of the cases. There are certain tips that can be followed in choosing the right image for a pull-up banner.

Knowing the actual purpose of pull up banners:

In order to promote a business, it is very important to choose such type of banners. For example, the user should always insist on choosing the banner images along with the correct image and color. It is quite important in such a case. It is always advised to opt for vibrant and attractive colors so that the whole thing looks more amazing.

Choosing high-quality images or pictures:

At the same time, it is essential to see that the user is always insisting to choose the right image for the banner. First, get an idea about the approximate length of the banner and then go for the image. Opt for the images that have the needed resolution for such banners. If the image resolution is higher everything will be much better then.

Keep in mind about the exact subject matter:

It is perhaps the most essential part of the whole thing. The user should always have well and perfect information about the subject matter of the business that they want to promote on the banner. Try to use images that are relevant and applicable to the banner. In any cases, people generally try to put their own ideas. Whatever be the idea, it should be business-oriented and must easily reach the intended audience.

The exact place to put the image:

On the other side, the user should be well about the place where the banner should be installed. In fact, the area of the banner matters a lot in many cases. To be very specific if anyone is planning to put the image at the bottom of the banner then he should have the idea that it might not be affected by any trees or other such things. It should be viewable to the audience. There must not be any type of obstructions. The banner should be nicely placed so that it can easily communicate with the passerby and other people.

In short, with the introduction of the banner systems, most of the business has received a new dimension of work. They can now easily focus on the work and can promote any business in a much fruitful way. We should be really thankful for the advanced technologies that are helping the modern man with correct business goals.

What can be the best tips for raising a child at childcare?


As a parent, you may demand your child to be a perfect one. Rather you may want him to become a complete package. There are some basic things that are required to raise a child in a better way. In the present time becoming a parent is the most challenging one. You have to take complete care of your child. But with the emergence of the childcare centers, this problem has been solved to some extent. They have largely helped thousands of nuclear families who had to fight between profession and family.

Some guidelines for raising a child at childcare centers:

Now here are some genuine tips that greatly help to raise a child completely at childcare centers. It is important to follow them strictly.

  • Most of the childcare centers should build a very strong relationship with a child. Only it can lead to strong bonding. The relationship should be full of love and caring. When a child will receive love and affection from a person he will develop an attachment with the said person.
  • There should be a particular person who should become a role model before the kids. The child will obviously follow his good activities and try to pick those habits. The child will then try to apply the same in his life.
  • Always try to volunteer each and every kid. When a person will start to volunteer then other ones will also follow the same thing. It is also a good way by which a child can be raised properly. Try to volunteer a child through various fun activities. It will then bring good effects in his mentality.
  • Always try to be very polite and soft with the kids. Never speak to them in a rude manner. It will bring negative results.

Love every child in a special way:

It may really be tough for a single parent to raise a child. But if a child is raised in a childcare center, then the parent can get relief to some extent. The parents should also see that the childcare centers adopt good measures to raise every child.

  • Time has changed a lot and with this changing time, there has been immense development in the process of raising a child. Each and every child is very sensitive and so they should be dealt in a specific manner.
  • Besides this, most of the childcare centers should also adopt specific programs for the development of the kid’s. It will really help them to a great extent. The childcare Whangarei is really successful in raising the kids in a wonderful manner. They have adopted special policies for the little ones and have also trained the staffs for that purpose.

The role of childcare centers is quite vital for upbringing the kids. The way they will treat the child will really affect them. Let’s take the initiative to raise the children’s in a beautiful way.

Tips on picking the right mortgage broker

Buying a house is one of the wonderful feelings and at the same time, it is going to make you feel anxious about the steps that are involved in it. Whenever it comes to hiring someone as the mortgage broker for simplifying the process of availing the loan, one must keep certain factors in mind. As the industry is quite saturated with several mortgage brokers so you need to compare them and pick the one that can cater to your requirements.

  • Hiring a mortgage professional will be an easy task if you have any recommendation or referrals. In the journey of home, financing reference can help you to pick a sincere mortgage broker.
  • Every mortgage broker must provide you with courtesy, clarity, and communication. The first thing that you should note down about your mortgage broker is how well they are communicating with you and the lender. It is true that financial matters are quite complicated hence a good mortgage broker will help you to maintain transparency related to the cost involved.
  • Always find a mortgage broker who is reliable. There are many mortgage broker who might lack in terms of providing clarity. You must question them about their past clients in order to understand their ways of approaching the lender in order to help the clients to get great deals.
  • The experience that the mortgage broker has is very important. Do not go for any amateur mortgage broker because they may not be fluent with all the laws and rules that the lender or the authorized banks may have for sanctioning any loan. A skilled and experienced mortgage broker will help you to get your deal sanctioned even if it’s having a certain complication.
  • Budget is also a big factor while picking any mortgage broker because most of the people are hiring a mortgage broker to save time and money. So if a mortgage broker is charging a fortune, then there is no need to hire them. To grab the best deal do a little research.
  • The services that the mortgage brokers are going to provide you is very important because they will need to assist you in every step until your loan is getting sanctioned and even after that if it is needed.
  • Do not go for the mortgage brokers who are shady and are not much transparent regarding their ways of approaching the lender. Since you will rely on that person on every aspect related to the loan so they must provide you with proper clarity.
  • You can also hire someone who is linked with any company because it will help you to get loans from better places with better interest rates.

The Auckland Mortgage brokers must have a very good reputation in the market and which is why you need to check the reviews of the previous client. There are many benefits that one can enjoy after hiring any mortgage broker, but it is only possible if the person is efficient.