Myths about hair loss

Improper information and knowledge leads to misconception and then ultimately to the creation of myths. Same is the case with the hair loss problems. People do not know much about this thing and they form myths. Here is a list of a few of the myths that you should never believe, along with the hair loss solution associated with it.

1st myth

The very first thing that we often listen regarding the hair loss is that it is this is a hereditary thing and comes to a man from his father. This statement is not true at all.  At the very first place it is not necessary that the hair fall problem is hereditary and if it is then either of the parents is responsible for this. There could be any possible reason for the hair fall, out of which hereditary condition is just one.

2nd myth

You must have come across this fact that people believe that the problem of hair fall is generally found in the people of old age. This is again a myth and there is no such thing. Hair fall can cause to a person right from the time puberty hits him or her. In most of the cases, the hair fall starts when the person is in mid-twenties. The problem starts very soon, but it takes this problem this long time in order to get to that advanced age and it seems to other people that the problem has just started.

3rd myth

Most of the people think that hair loss treatments do not work. This is a myth and one should never believe it. Hair loss treatments are done to any patients after the proper study of their case. The doctor first tries and know the reason behind the hair loss. Also, all the ways in which the treatment is done are clinically proven to be effective on the hair losses. So, there is no chance of not working them. Different problems have different hair solutions. Some could be treated by medication, while others can need some transplantation or laser therapy.  

4th myth

Many people believe that a woman suffering from hair loss has cancer and that they lose their hair while having their treatment done. Well, this is true that the patients of cancer do lose their hair while their treatment, but it is not important that all those who have a problem of hair loss are suffering from cancer. Women too have almost the same reasons for having hair loss as men have.

5th Myth

Another thing that we hear about hair fall is that men face this problem more than the women. This is the most illogical statement one can hear ever. If we talk about the real scene, then the hair loss is common in both men and women. Both of them face this problem in an equal way and equal proportion.

You must have heard about these myths once in your life and there are a few of then you might have believed also. Remember this list next time and do not get confused.