How To Hire A Landscaping Architect?

When someone thinks of architects the buildings and residences come to mind. But what most people don’t know about is that there are landscape architects as well. These professionals excel in everything from simple lawn care to overhauling the whole thing to bring on a new design. Of course, any lawn or landscape will be the first major thing which any guest will lay eyes on and as such choosing the right landscape architect for the job is imperative.

The following steps will help guide you in the process of finding a great landscape architect

Decide what you want

Before you begin your hunt for great architects, it’s better to gather your own thoughts. Think carefully about what you will be using the garden or lawn for- whether you are interested in installing a water feature or a walkway or if you want to use your garden for growing vegetables and stuff. All these and more are such questions which need to be addressed. Also make a book where you collect the ideas, features, colors, and styles which you are aiming for. If you can, sketch a design of what you want the ultimate look to be like. All this will make finding the right contractor easy and also fasten up the process.

Make a short list of landscaping design firms

Once you are sure of what you want, it’s time to compile a list. Find out about the landscaping firms in your area. If you live in New Zealand then architects from Auckland, Queensland and such are great to aim for. Apart from this, also talk to neighbors, friends and other people who had landscaping done. Next, you will have to narrow down the list to two or mostly three professionals from whom you can expect a formal bid.

Choose a landscaping architect

Before you make the final decision there are a lot of factors which come into play. Consider whether the architect you are hiring has a team player attitude. It will be important because often times the landscape architect will have to work with the landscape designer to get the work done. Apart from this, also make sure to check the attached education and experience, the certifications and affiliations of the architect too. This will ensure that you have hired a legit professional and will give you peace of mind. Also, don’t hire a landscaping contractor who doesn’t have liability insurance. This might seem odd but a little mistake in landscaping can be costly for you.

The interview

Always have a final interview and talk about what you want and what the architect can offer. Make sure that both of you understand each other and what needs to get done. Along with this, set fixed times at which the architect will give you updates on the work done. Also, apart from the ideas, what needs to get discussed is the cost of the project. Get all such details and talks in the documentation so that both parties have proof.

Following these steps will help you hire a capable and reliable landscape architect. A trustworthy architect will prevent unnecessary stress and make the whole job easier.